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Pre SUniG'17 Interview (SUTD)

Team Preview: Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD)

SUTD Ultimate, the youngest club in the school ultimate scene, looks to outperform their own expectations in this year's SUniG.

"Despite not having a coach and struggles with small cohort sizes, it gave us many opportunities to forge stronger bonds and build a closer team.", said SUTD Captain Germaine. She also added that as most of their players only picked up Ultimate Frisbee in SUTD, they are both lacking in skills and experience as compared to other schools. But it allowed them to grow and mature together, keeping the learning environment fun and competitive at the same time. 

With the right kind of drive and positive attitude, SUTD will be a force to be reckoned with in time to come.




1. What is your team's biggest challenge coming into SUniG 2017?

Our biggest struggle is definitely trying to maintain consistent attendance, especially over the long summer months. The large volume of students at SUTD going overseas for exchanges and summer programs which usually stretches 2-3 months really hinders the development of team chemistry. In order to perform well at SUniG, we'll have to overcome these challenges, namely by training really hard in the small pockets of time we do have together. 


2. Which team is your biggest rival this year?

Our biggest rival is probably ourselves. We have difficulties both with self-improvement and growth (both individually as players and as a team) due to our very small cohort sizes and limited resources. What's heartening is that we have experienced senior players and alumni members that took up the mantle as coaches and mentors to guide the newer players. We will aim to outdo our results from previous years. 


3. SUTD Ultimate is a really young team, what are the goals and directions of the club this year?

Our overarching goal this year is to mature into a fully competitive team. We want to put up the best fight we can, not only for SUniG but for every other competition we take part in. 


4. If you have to nominate a Male and Female MVP on your team, who would that be?

We would nominate Jeannie as our female MVP, and Xue Ying as our male MVP. They have been acting as our student coaches for this season despite their heavy workload. We are very grateful for their guidance, experience and expertise. 


5. What is the special traits of your team? (What sets you apart from the other schools?)

As mentioned above, we have a limited pool of people to attract players from due to the small number of students in SUTD. However, we believe that because of that, we are able to forge a more close-knit and personal team!


6. And finally, what is the expected finish for SUniG 2017?

It doesn't matter what position we achieve in the end, because we know that we will fight as hard as we are able to, so that we can grow with this experience and come back stronger in the future.


Catch your favourite players in action this weekend, 16 & 17 September at NTU Sports & Recreation Centre.

First Pull at 8!

See you there!






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