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Pre SUniG'17 Interview (SIT)

Team Preview: Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)


SIT Ultimate took a small dip during SUniG 2016 and they are eyeing for a podium finish this year.

With its share of flair and grind, SIT Ultimate has shown us that miracles are indeed possible when they came knocking on NYP Invitationals’ doors last year. While they were busy turning heads during SUniG 2015, nobody expected a podium finish from this new and young team. We witnessed the departure of the first class of SIT superstars and senior players. Will the fresh blood be able to fill the shoes of their predecessors? 

With the addition of their new coach, Andy Teow and a fresh batch of players to their arsenal, we may see some revolutionary changes to their team dynamics. In spite of the many challenges that the team faced this season, Captain Anselm Low remains positive, "We will take every opponent seriously and take each game one point at a time."

With a new coach and new leaders at the helm, SIT Ultimate will remain a wildcard in the SUniG scene.




1. What is your team's biggest challenge coming into SUniG 2017?

The first challenge that SIT faced is we do not have access to proper field which sometimes undermine the effectiveness of trainings. Also, most of our player were overseas for attachments and were only be back roughly 1 month before SUniG. This is really the biggest challenge for us as we only have very few trainings together with a full squad which made it hard for the team to gel and train together.


2. Which team is your biggest rival this year?

We don't really concern ourselves with our rivals. To us, every opponent is as worthy as the other thus there is no one biggest rival for us, only rivals.


3. SIT Ultimate, despite being a very young team, has turned many heads in the past few years. Being the underdogs of the SUniG scene, what does your team hope to achieve in this year's SUniG?

We are young no doubt, but we don't really see ourselves as underdogs playing with nothing to lose. Being the top 3 and making it for IVP is one of our goals but we do not limit ourselves to what we can achieve.


4. If you have to nominate a Male and Female MVP on your team, who would that be?

It's hard to choose 2 specific players from the team as everyone in the squad plays an equally important role in our team’s success.


5. What is the special traits of your team?

It would be the special bond we have with each other which revolves around our motto, "One Team, One Family". We believe that playing together instead of having superstars makes the sport and team much more enjoyable.


6. And finally, what is the expected finish for SUniG 2017?

No revelations, we will find out at the end of the second day.


Catch your favourite players in action this weekend, 16 & 17 September at NTU Sports & Recreation Centre.

First Pull at 8!

See you there!





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