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Pre SUniG'17 Interview (SMU)

Team Preview: Singapore Management University (SMU)


SMU Ultimate looks long term but won't be short of surprises this SUniG.

With the majority of the roster consisting of freshmen and sophomores, Captains Seah Jia Le and Titus Chew express their worries about Team SMU not being able to match up to the other teams that have seen many talented players joining their ranks this year. Similar to other schools, SMU Ultimate is struggling with a void left behind by the senior players that have graduated. However, they have not been slacking after the painful setback that resulted in them going home empty-handed last IVP. "Knowing that we are young and inexperienced, we have increased the frequency and intensity of trainings to make sure that we are more prepared this year. Although our emphasis is on winning the title race in the long run, we will definitely bring our A game to SUniG." said Titus. 

Team SMU may say that they are not gunning for champions this year but we definitely should not take their words at face value. This club with a long history of podium appearances, coupled with its consistent recruitment programmes and ultra-competitive senior players, will not go down without a fight!




1. What is your team's biggest challenge coming into SUniG 2017?

Being a relatively young squad with many players recovering from recent injuries, it will be very challenging to match up against the many veteran players out there. However, being young means we have nothing to lose and will not hold back against the rest of the teams. 


2. Which team is your biggest rival this year?

NUS. We put up a tough fight against them last year, but we eventually fell short. This year, we're looking for a different outcome and being the last match of the round robin games, it will be nothing but an intense battle of wit, stamina and performance.


3. SMU did not have a good showing at SUniG 2016 last year, what has the team and new leadership worked on to ensure a better finish this year? 

We started our season much earlier as compared to the last and managed to work around various issues that we faced previously. One of it was the ability to maintain our composure in crucial games. i.e. Losing to team NUS on the universal point. Not to mention a mishap that caused one of our main player to be out for the entire SUniG during the game against team SIM. We implemented weekly PT/track sessions for strength and conditioning to prevent injuries and make sure our players are in shape. We also increased the number of trainings per week and organised more friendly matches in order to maximise exposure for our team.


4. If you have to nominate a Male and Female MVP on your team, who would that be?

None. All our players are equally valuable. 


5. What is the special traits of your team? (What sets you apart from the other schools?)

Having a young squad with fresh faces gives us the element of surprise as other teams will not know what to expect from us. So don't underestimate us. 


6. And finally, what is the expected finish for SUniG 2017?

A Medal Placing


Catch your favourite players in action this weekend, 16 & 17 September at NTU Sports & Recreation Centre.

First Pull at 8!

See you there!






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