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Pre SUniG'17 Interview (NUS)

Team Preview: National University of Singapore (NUS)


"Twice is enough!" NUS gears up for a finals appearance with a different outcome.

NUS Ultimate is one of the most consistent finalists in the school Ultimate scene but does not seem to have any luck with the golden cookie in the last year. Going zero for two both against Team SIM in the finals of IVP 2017 and SUniG 2016, NUS Captain Tow Jia Hao is looking to bring the gold home this year. We can expect the NUS lineup this year to be capable of dealing some serious damage with many of their players represented Singapore at the Asia Oceanic Ultimate & Guts Club Championship held at Manila earlier last month. Jia Hao noted that although they are raring for a rematch with Team SIM, they will not underestimate the other teams. "The school Ultimate scene is becoming increasingly competitive with many players already established names in the club scene. Any mistakes can be fatal, we will focus on one game at a time and give everybody a good show!"

With their eyes on the prize, Team NUS is going to make sure nothing stands in its way!




1. What is your team's biggest challenge coming into SUniG 2017? 

We had several challenges this year on our road to SuniG. This year, NUS ultimate underwent a structural change, and as such the final SuniG squad was settled at a much later dates, limting our number trainings. Also, many of our players had club commitments for AOUGCC, which cause low attendance at trainings before AOUGCC. 


2. Which team is your biggest rival this year?

All of the teams this year are pretty strong, and we are sure none of the games will be easy. However, having lost the finals last year to SIM, we will be looking forward to taking them on again this year and hope for a better result.


3. Finals appearance twice for 2 years running, will NUS break boundaries and claim champions again? 

Yes, we do hope to clinch the gold after having a painful lost at both SuniG and IVP. We are ready to put up a good fight and fight for the gold.


4. If you have to nominate a Male and Female MVP on your team, who would that be? 

Our male MVP would be Javis Janwar. He has shown exemplary attitude and skill level at trainings, and he’s always ready to give a 110% at trainings, no matter how hectic his schedule can be. Juggling both his studies in Medicine and club commitments such as Crackerjacks, he is always ready to sacrifice for the team.

Our female MVP would be Charlotte Ho. This year will be her first SuniG, but Charly has not only shown high level of skill and attitude on the field, but beaming enthuasism and positivity off the field as well, which never fails to raise the spirit of the team. As team manager, Charlotte has also worked tirelessly to take care of the team.


5. What is the special traits of your team? (What sets you apart from the other schools?)

I think what sets us apart is how our team is more of a family, where we respect each other as players and friends both on and off the field. You wouldn’t see anyone flare up or scold one another during trainings, and I think that sense of mutual respect for each other really tightens the bonds we have, and strengthens the team spirit.


6. And finally, what is the expected finish for SUniG 2017?

We hope to clinch the gold this year, having been denied it twice last year. We are ready to give a good show.


Catch your favourite players in action this weekend, 16 & 17 September at NTU Sports & Recreation Centre.

First Pull at 8!

See you there!






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