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Pre SUniG'17 Interview (SIM)

Team Preview: Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)


Two-time champs, Team SIM hopeful to defend title.
Being crowned champions (SUniG 2015) in a 5-way tie situation wasn’t something to be proud of. It proved that the team wasn’t ready. And true enough, Team SIM would go on to lose against Team NUS at NYP Invitationals 2016 and go home with the silver. 
After the painful loss, 2016 became a year of restructuring for SIM Ultimate with new players, new tactics and new chemistry. And the A team has been on a winning spree ever since, bagging both gold medals at SUniG 2016 and the first ever IVP 2017. 
With the graduation of several key players on the team, there are uncertainties shrouding Team SIM’s ability to defend their title this year. Captain Ng Chin Whye assured us that although the roster is different, it still packs a punch with several experienced players joining their ranks this year to fill the gaps. It also presents a good opportunity to promote budding players from the B team. 
Chin Whye also added “We have a strong team this year but we will not take anyone lightly. We will have to turn up, play as a team and bring out the best in one another.”
Champions come and go, does Team SIM have what it takes to complete a three-peat?




1. What is your team's biggest challenge coming into SUniG 2017?

Replacing the seniors that have graduated over the past year has always been an issue for every tertiary team. Heading into SUniG 2017,we struggled with roster selection as we had to balance putting together a competitive team as well as rewarding younger players who have proven their worth and commitment over the past few years. Our biggest challenge is to build and bond our new team members in order to creating flawless team chemistry between them.


2. Which team is your biggest rival this year?

Ever team who steps onto the field has an even advantage of winning SUniG. We will only focus on ourselves to ensure that we bring out the best in each other and take it one game at a time.


3. With the graduation of many players and new juniors filling in the shoes of these proud seniors, does SIM have what it takes to retain the title yet again this year?

We have new experienced players joining us this year and our squad has been training hard to perform at SUniG. As last year's Champions, everyone would be looking to take us down. We will have to turn up and show everyone that we deserve to win it again this year.


4. If you have to nominate a Male and Female MVP on your team, who would that be?

Male: Felix

Female: Cinderina


5. What is the special traits of your team? (What sets you apart from the other schools?)

I feel that the friendships forged on and off the field is a large part of SIM Ultimate that drives each and every one of our players to give their best for each other. As long as everyone give their best, the results is secondary. We will play as a team, win together or lose together as ONE.


6. And finally, what is the expected finish for SUniG 2017?



Catch your favourite players in action this weekend, 16 & 17 September at NTU Sports & Recreation Centre.

First Pull at 8!

See you there!






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