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SUniG'17 Finals

THREE-PEAT! SIM defends SUniG Champions title.



SUniG 2017 Champions - Team SIM

Photo Credits: Angella Sim


Going undefeated for 1 entire season, it was clear that Team SIM would be looking to extend their reign in the tertiary scene. But this year, the defending champions had to work extra hard for their win.

After a convincing loss in their opening game of day 2 to Team NUS 9-5, Team SIM’s hopes of retaining their title did not look promising. Despite strong resistance from SIM’s defense in the last 20 minutes of the game, the point gap was too huge for any comeback. This would put NUS in the lead with 4 wins and 1 round robin game left while SIM will take their first loss of the tournament.


Going into the finals, the bets were on Team NUS who clearly had the upper hand from the win earlier in the morning. Finals commenced 30 minutes after the last round robin games concluded, which gave our finalists barely any rest. It was going to be another intense finals as we continue the NUS-SIM rivalry. However, NUS was visibly more tired after a hard-fought win over SMU who put up a spectacular fight.



Both teams were trading points at the start with both offensive lines not letting up to the pressure.


Chan Kai Bin will give his team the opening break to take the lead, 4-3 with a Callahan score after intercepting a throw by NUS handlers. (Click here for One Hand Grab’s footage)


NUS responded with a break minutes after, fully capitalizing on SIM’s misthrow as Emily Kwek punches in a score to even the game. NUS takes half at 6-5.


SIM turned up their defensive pressure in the second half and it proved too much for NUS to handle, as they leaked another break after the half, making it 7-6 in favour of SIM. 

It was unfortunate that injuries wore NUS down later in the second half, causing them to lose Jamin Huang and Niven Sie, 2 key players on their roster.


Team SIM will extend the lead and eventually close the game 12-9, retaining their title for the third consecutive year.


"This win is definitely memorable as we managed to play as a team and bounce back from the painful loss to NUS in the round robin games. As usual, It is always nerve-wrecking playing against NUS, especially in the finals. I think we got slightly lucky after the half with some uncharacteristic mistakes from NUS and we managed to capitalize on it. Overall, I'm proud that my team was able to excel under pressure with several of our players stepping up to the occasion and give our team a really good showing. " said SIM Captain Ng Chin Whye.


Winning catch by Hafiz Maideen

Photo Credits: Angella Sim



SUniG 2017 1st Runner-Up - Team NUS

Photo Credits: Eric S C Lim



With 3 wins and 2 losses, Team SMU finishes closely after with a bronze.


SUniG 2017 2nd Runner-Up - Team SMU

Photo Credits: Eric S C Lim


Once again, congratulations to all winners and a big thumbs up to all players who played their hearts out this weekend!

Next up! POL-ITE 2017 as we see yet another 6 schools fight their way to the top!






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