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Week 3 Selection

22 Aug - 28 Aug

Featured Player: Jeraldine Lee #83


Formerly a National Netballer, Jeri fell in love with the sport of Ultimate Frisbee upon joining Republic Polytechnic. She joined the club scene and soon earned a spot on the National Team, playing at the Worlds Ultimate & Guts Championship 2016.

What tip would you give to young and budding players?

Jeri: Learn as much as you can but always remember to have fun with your teammates on and off the field 🌞

Photo Credits: Eric S C Lim
WUGC 2016 #83 (S)
Hungry Dinos #83 (S)
Hao Cool #20 (M)
7 fighters #77 (S but M Cutting)
Rogers #00 (L)
U24 Red Women's Team Unisex (M)
7 Fighters #4 (M)
U24 Great Britain #39 (Women's M)
Hungry Dinos Shorts #83
USA Shorts #12 (Women's M)
Alliance We Bare Bears (S)
Havoc Shorts #38 (S)
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