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Week 4 Selection

29 Aug - 4 Sep

Featured Player: Gordon Yeo #9

Gordon Yeo.jpg
Photo Credits: Eric S C Lim

A household name and a familiar face in Singapore's Ultimate community, Gordon never fails to wow the crowd with his athletic and electrifying plays. Throw in his dashing looks, he may just be the Ultimate package.

Gordon started his Ultimate Frisbee journey at Nanyang Polytechnic. Having been a basketball player previously, his explosiveness and game sense instantly gave him an edge. He honed his skills over the years, collected many accolades, and eventually found himself competing in the Opens division with Crackerjacks at the World's Stage.

Apart from just being a player, he has given back to the community in many ways. One of which was reviving a discontinued National Youth Training Program which he was a part of in his time. This gave a couple of batches of lucky youth players the privilege to train and compete at a level that they would not have otherwise. 

What tip would you give to young and budding players?

Gordon: Humility is an Athlete's best friend

Vintage Crackerjacks #9 (S)
Crackerjacks 2014 WUCC Red #9 (S)
Crackerjacks 2014 WUCC White #9 (S)
2x WUCC 2018 Shorts #9 (S) 
Top 2 Bids wins!
SIT Titans Shorts #9 (S)
Run to Taiwan (S)
Blaze #7 Men's (S)
Vintage Chuckies #44 Women's (M)
Chuckies Shorts #44
Ghost #4 (M)
Wreck it Ralph #90 (S)
Batman #83 (S)
Fear None #14 Female (S)
Huck Shorts #77 (M)
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