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Black White Vintage Luxurious Charity Au

Welcome to the #UltyJerseyUp Jersey Auction! A wide variety of beautiful, whacky, unique and prestigious Jerseys will be featured here, up for grabs! All proceeds go to UltySports' Youth Exposure Fund 


Every week, around 10 articles of clothing will be put up for auction. There will be a minimum bid amount of $15 each piece. Bids can be submitted through our google form link HERE. The highest bidders will be contacted and updated at the end of the day. If you do not receive any update, it means there is a higher bid.


Winners will be the ones with the highest bid at the end of the week. (Friday 10 pm) A new batch will be released and announced on Saturday. 


  • Bidders must be following @Ultysports on Instagram and Facebook

  • Submitted Bids cannot be retracted

Follow Us @Ultysports To Stay Up-to-Date on Launch Dates!

Previous Selections!
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