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Published Sunday, 11 October 2020
Turquoise and Gray Minimalist Sports Log

That wraps up our first-ever Jersey Donation Drive! We are thankful for all the support that we have received from the community! We hope that seeing all the Jerseys has helped to relive and reminisce some of our fondest Ultimate memories. @upcipes has also given new life to some of the unsold jerseys by upcycling them so do check out their page! Please reach out to us if you have any feedback on the Jersey drive/auction and we will always strive to be better in the subsequent ones!

Red Black Friday Sale Facebook Post.png

A HUGE Thanks to all of you, the support that we have received was overwhelming! For those that missed out on the Mystery Packs, fret not! Starting next week (27/ 07/ 2020), we will be commencing our Jersey Auction! Stay up to date by following @UltySports on Facebook and Instagram! More information about the Jersey Auction will be posted here soon! 

An ANGEL and the GREATEST.png

A big THANK YOU to all who have supported the #UltyJerseyUp drive held in collaboration with @upcipes for #SlowFashionSeason. We have collected more than a hundred items and will be sorting the items out for the sale soon. Keep a lookout for the updates and register your interest!

Proceeds from this sale will contribute to the development of outstanding players in the community who have financial difficulties. It is also a great effort within our community for #CircularFashion. #SpiritoftheGame #upcipes #ultysports #ultimatefrisbee #circularfashion #clotheswaps

UlyyJerseyUp runway.png

Calling all veteran ultimate players participating in #UltyJerseyUp - give your jerseys their final moments of glory with you. Take a #selfie wearing them for the last time. Dig up that #layout shot of you in them.


Share them with us on Instagram with the hashtag #UltyJerseyUp. We’re all waiting to see what jerseys will feature on the fields again!


Make Sure to follow @ultysports and @upcipes and #ultyjerseyup to stand a chance to WIN a Special Prize! Be on the lookout for further updates!

Published Thursday, 18 June 2020

UltyJerseyUP Poster.jpg

UltySports is collaborating with @Upcipes to take back Ultimate jerseys and shorts from veteran players as part of #SlowFashionSeason with #UltyJerseyUp.


Calling on all veteran players who may have #Ultimate apparel that is no longer in use to donate them. Give them new lives on the fields!


Apart from supporting the circularity of fashion, proceeds from the sale and recycling will contribute to the development of players.

Half of the proceeds will be channeled to an UltySports fund, dedicated to supporting outstanding players who are financially challenged so they are able to participate in more overseas tournaments and gain on-field exposure. The other half goes into defraying manpower, logistics, and other operational costs. (Sorting, driving, fuel, storage, etc.)

The cut off for submission of Jersey Signups is on Friday, 26 June 2020!

Sign-ups are currently closed, do look out for future drives! 

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